Events / Gender Switch Fundraising Party for the Love Queer Cinema Week

Venue: Alfa Bar

Address: 6 Xingfu Yicun (Opposite Workers Stadium north gate)

Date: 11th July

Time: Starts at 8pm till late

Ticket: RMB 50 (Include a drink)



8pm – Registration

8:30pm – Screening of 5 short films

9:30pm – Party and games!

12pm – Prize for Best King / Queen


What’s it about?

As the kick-off event for a series of film screening and sharing events of the Beijing Love Queer Cinema Week (former Beijing Queer Film Festival), Gender Switch brings you a number of super sexy short films to start the evening, on July 11th with us, at the newly renovated Alfa Bar. After that, a fundraising party continues till late, including Gender Switch, in which some girls wear mustaches and some guys put on heels, art auctions, raffle tickets prizes and Best King or Queen of the Night rewards! Plus, two special drinks will go straight to support the film festival funds.


Film Screening:


My 17 Gay Friends

2014 | 25 min | Moxie Peng

My 17 Gay Friends is an experimental romantic comedy that explores the interconnected web of relationships in Beijing’s gay community that surrounds an unseen narrator. It also pokes fun at stereotypes and labels that often cut across the LGBT community such as femininity and masculinity in the gay community and how it affects our perceptions of gay people and categorizes people into distinct groups.


Wicked Game

2014 | 5 min |  Ding Yi

This microfilm only cost two days to produce, including writing, shooting and editing. Which is also a test, to test not let the passions of create fade out by the film’s industrialization. And it’s only a tiny tiny lead for a gay’s fake marriage issue in China of course.


Works from Queer University

Queer University Documentary Training Camp(“Queer University”) is a seven-day program for people who work and/or volunteer in sexual minority communities. Inthe interactive and practice-oriented Queer University course, students are trained in documentary filmmaking, editing, production and distribution, and are empowered to use the skills they acquire to record their own community stories and enhance their advocacy activities. Each year, Queer University awards its most accomplished students with year-long material support and creative guidance, thus helping them in directing and producing their own full-length documentary.


It’s Nothing

2014 | 4 min | Jess, Ye Ming


In Depth Report

2014 | 4 min | Cai Dan, Zhen Chen



2012 | 4 min | Isa Gao, Gray


A Straight Journey: Days and Nights in Their Kingdom

2015 | 23 min |  Masa Mojo

This is a spontaneous project. In the beginning MasaMojo planned to shoot some portray photographs for about 10 gay people. Because they need to talk to these people, eventually they finished a documentary after visiting 11 cities in China. They want to tell a story about individuals, instead of a group, to share the love and fear within everyone. They edited the film in a storyline of one person, from childhood, adolescence, young love, coming out, to family, marriage, wives, children and getting old. By that, they are trying to tell a sincere story of China’s gay people and to move the Chinese people in a further way.



Art Auctions

Prowl: 97

Artist: Zejian Sansan Shen

Size: 150cmx150cm


Painting #16, from Collections of Futility and Desire

Artist: Kyle Skor

Size: 100cmx100cm


Afternoon Nap

Artist: Guang Ye

Size: 60cmx90cm


Puzzle No.1

Artist: XQ

Size: 120cm * 120 cm



Raffle Tickets Prizes

Including Tictac Hairstyle coupon, Urban Adventure Tour Trip, signed DVD by Popo Fan, etc.

Travellers’ hand made paper notebook by PageX


Prizes-giving Guests


Programming and marketing manager of Broadway Cinematheque

Yang yang


Curator of China Independent Film Festival

Producer of Laurel Film

Yang Cheng


Project Development Director of Youku Tudou Heyi picture

Xufeng Huang

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