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Tired of the sticky summer in Beijing?

Leave your sun-block and sand shovels at home, bring your bikini wax and splash on some body-oil: it’s Beijing BAYWATCH Bash! The night of gorgeous girls in bikinis and sumptuous studs in board shorts, complete with delicious drag queens, perverted performers, and a dead-sexy DJ. There will be prizes and surprises, so put on your shades and dive in!

As an After-Party for Jing Pride, all proceeds go toward the Beijing LGBT Center.

When: Saturday, July 30, 2011, 10pm onwards

Where: Tun Bar (Gong Ti Bei Lu, #4 San Li Tun Nan Jie; behind the Bookworm), telephone: 658558662

Price: 50RMB at the door; 40RMB in advance (instructions below). Entry includes a special drink.

Discounted Price of 40 RMB if you wear:

– Board Shorts & Hawaiian T-Shirt
– Short-shorts/Booty-shorts or Mini-skirt
– Cross-dressing encouraged for either.

Presale instructions: Pick up presale tickets from Tun Bar, or write to to reserve tickets; please include name and telephone number in the email.

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Sponsors: Jing Pride, Beijing LGBT Center, GaySpot Magazine, Les+.
Media Sponsors:, Common Language,, Queer Comrades, Gayographic,, Beijing Lala Salon,

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  • 12th May 2012 / Nurrmaulidya

    Always remember you have many out here who undrestand what you’re going through. Reactions of family are hard to predict. Some get the reaction they expected, be it positive or negative. Some get the opposite of what they expected. Some, like me, get a negative reaction (although I have to admit it was a mild negative), and then after a period of time the reaction either softens some or total acceptance comes. I’m still hoping for total acceptance once I have a partner.It sounds like you are prepared for the worst, which is all you can do. And hopefully you aren’t outed before that time as others have been.It’s hard to imagine how parents can react so harshly but I was reminded by another comment that parents’ hopes and dreams for their kids rarely lack a spouse with kids. Not that they are selfish, it’s just that it has been like this for centuries. Once they adjust to the new reality and get their own reactions in check, once they reevaluate their own priorities (like unconditional love), they tend to come around to some form of acceptance, either begrudgingly or fully.When I came out I read something that made a lot of sense. It took me years to figure out I was gay and to finally accept it. Therefore, it was unfair of me to expect my parents to come to acceptance immediately, or even within weeks, months or years. They have to go through a similar process that you went through. Most are concerned for the type of life you might end up leading. Some of what they imagine is, of course, totally incorrect being based only on what they know, which isn’t much, and which is often the worst case scenario.The few who let religion dictate their reaction also do so out of a misguided form of love. While it might not mean anything to us, they are concerned for your eternal salvation. All you can do in that situation is to listen to their concerns and assure them that you hear what they say. But in the end your salvation is between you and God. I had to do that, and still do from time to time.Anyways, all that to say, you are in my thoughts, and my prayers. You plan sounds like a good one. All the best to you.

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