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By end-2011, the cumulative total reported number of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) stood at 445,000, but the actual number of PLWHA was estimated around 780.000.

Despite their staggering numbers, PLWHA continue to live a hidden existence inChina.  Due to general misinformation and widespread fear, there continues to be discrimination against PLWHA, and most PLWHA prefer to remain invisible and keep their HIV/AIDS status a secret.

In order to raise awareness surrounding the HIV/AIDS situation in China and to raise funds to support projects related to HIV/AIDS all around the country, the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute (BGHEI) and the Chinese Foundation for Prevention of STD and AIDS are holding the first ever China AIDS Walk on 13 October 2012.

With the support of the French Embassy and Edko Films Ltd., the BGHEI is holding a China AIDS Walk promotion event on 13 September 2012 at the Institut Français de Chine. Everybody is very welcome to join the event and find out how they can get involved in the China AIDS Walk and the fight against HIV/AIDS.

To give a better understanding about the HIV/AIDS situation inChina, Zhao Liang’s international highly praised documentary “在一起 – Together“ will be shown.  Before the movie the public will also get more information about the China AIDS Walk and how people can participate in this project.

Due to limited seats please RSVP with your full name to

Time:   Thursday 13 September 2012, 16.30pm

Place:  Institut Français,East Chunxiu Lu/GongtiXilu,18 GongtiXilu, Chaoyang District

Entry:  Free, RSVP due to limited seats to

Info: 13811137034,

Directions:   Metro Line 2, Chaoyangmen Station, Exit A, first right to Chaowai N St, after 700m left at the crossroad Worker’s Stadium West Rd and Worker’s Stadium South Rd.  Bus 615 to Chao WaiBeiJie, at the crossroads of Worker’sStadium West Rd and Worker’sStadium South Rd.

Organizer:  Beijing Gender Health Education Institute

Venue Support:       French Embassy, Institut Français

Movie Support: Edko Films Ltd

About the movie: ZaiYiqi – Together

Director: Zhao Liang

A production by State Council AIDS Prevention Work Committee Office. Presented by China Health Education Center (Health Ministry News and Publicity Center).

China, 2010, 83 min.  Chinese dialogue, English subtitles.

InChina, fear of discrimination forces most people living with HIV/AIDS to hide the fact that they are positive. Director ChangweiGu casted people living with HIV/AIDS for his movie ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ and Zhao Liang’s documentary ‘Zai Yi Qi – Together’ records the search for these cast members.

‘ZaiYiQi – Together’ is a film-within-a-film. The documentary shows how discrimination against HIV-positive people on the set of the feature film about AIDS turns over time into compassion and affection.

Zhao Liang was also able to make contact with people living with HIV/AIDS via internet support groups and also visited children living with HIV/AIDS at a ‘red ribbon’ school, but most of all he talked to people living with HIV/AIDS during the making of ChangweiGu’s movie.

“The documentary moved many in the audience to tears.” – Global Times

China AIDS Walk Project Background:

The first AIDS Walk was organized inLos Angelesin 1985 to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS, reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS, and raise funds for HIV/AIDS-related social projects. Since then, more than one hundred AIDS Walks have been organized in cities all over the world.

The China AIDS Walk Project was launched by the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute and the Chinese Foundation for the Prevention of STD and AIDS, in collaboration with a network of local and foreign organizations. Through events and participants’ contributions, China AIDS Walk aims to promote public awareness about HIV/AIDS, encourage community involvement and fundraising, and support Chinese AIDS patients through charities and advocacy.

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