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Rainbow Worm 11: Emerging LGBT Filmmakers

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Film is a portal into a new world. It allows us to both escape and enter the reality of someone’s life, a new country, or even a different century. As artistic as film is, the themes, stories and messages can be as powerful as the visual direction of the director.

Join us on Wednesday, August 28th for a group of lively up-and-coming LGBT filmmakers who will share their short films and stories with the audience. While LGBT issues exist on the periphery, these artists are making groundbreaking advances and shorts films that chronicle the stories and characters of the LGBT community. Our guest speakers are:

• Moxie PENG, independent filmmaker and scriptwriter born in 1987 in Hunan, China, who came to Beijing after graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Literature. His works are deeply engrained with his own style. Some of them are humorous and sarcastic while others are refreshingly touching. Regardless of the subject matter, he is always trying to find a new narrative to explore a more creative way of filmmaking.
His works include: 48Hour Film Project: Gone (2011), Tiger Lily (2012)
Queer short: 3 L Affairs (2011)
Mini Documentaries: Micro Search (2012), From Me to We, Five Years with Beijing LGBT Center (2013).
His works have been selected to show at “5th Queer Film Festival Beijing”, “Asian Cinema Week 2013” (Organized by JUE and Electronic Shadows) and “BarCamp Beijing, Q1 2013”. His documentary Micro Search has been shown on the landing page of and generated over 300,000 hits in the first week.
Currently, Moxie is working on several TV commercials with his partners from Toxic Studio, while engaged in pre-production for his next queer film My 21 Gay Friends. This experimental film is a commentary on Beijing’s gay community that dares to explore awkward and embarrassing situations, simultaneously poking fun at and breaking down gay stereotypes.

• Jenny Man WU, filmmaker who went to the Netherlands for college at the age of 17. After returned to Beijing, she studied at the literature department of Beijing Film Academy and Li Xian Ting Film School. Some Sort of Loneliness was made during her study at Beijing Film Academy and was finished in June 2012. She was invited by Kyoto Filmmakers’ Lab with this film in December 2012 and was trained at the famous Shochiku Studio for the making of Japanese Epic film. Short film Gambling was made during her stay in Japan, which was awarded best short film by Hardboiled Yokohama Film Festival. It also participated in the short films section of 6th Beijing Queer Film Festival in June 2013 and featured film section of 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival in August 2013. Short film A Choice, Maybe not was made during her study at Li Xian Ting Film School in August 2012. Her other works include experimental video Crime Scene. In May 2013, Crime Scene was exhibited at “The Great Stage” Video show at Beijing Black Bridge Off Space.
Monologue short film Last Words was finished in July 2013. It has participated in Songzhuang Students Short Film Exhibition curated by Cui Zi’en and was voted as audience favourite film. In August 2013, it will be showing at the group show ‘ Psyche of Rhythm’ at Kong Space in Hei Qiao Art District.

• FAN Popo (moderator), Indie filmmaker, devoting himself to traveling and promoting Image-Revolution Society. Chairman on duty of the 6th Beijing Queer Film Festival, Board Member of Beijing LGBT Center. Representative documentary works: New Beijing New Marriage, Paper House, Be A Woman, Mama Rainbow.

About the Event:

Time: Wednesday August 28th, 7:30-9:00pm
Venue: The Bookworm, Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District
Price: 40 RMB in advance or 50 RMB at the door (one free drink included); only to the first 30 tickets to be reserved via can receive discounted tickets, so book now! A portion of the proceeds will be used toward the work of the Beijing LGBT Center.

About Rainbow-Worm:

Rainbow-worm is a volunteer-led initiative of the BeijingLGBTCenter aiming to bring together the Beijing LGBT community for cultural exchange and communication. The first Rainbow-worm event in December 2011 was a phenomenal success and we hope that you will join us for our 5th event of 2013!



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