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October 13, 2012, the first stage of China AIDS WALK was successfully held at Great Wall of Jinshanling. People from all over the world and different backgrounds joined this hiking event for the same purpose: they do not want people living with HIV/AIDS to suffer from discrimination and misunderstanding; they do not want to see people living in fear because of a lack of HIV/AIDS knowledge and education; they all want to fight HIV/AIDS with us together. We therefore thank every participant and every volunteer for joining this historical moment – the first China AIDS Walk!

In June 2010, Executive Director of the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute Xiaogang Wei went to the United States to take part on the AIDS Life Cycle. Encouraged and inspired from this event, he decided to carry out China’s first AIDS Walk. At that time, the AIDS Walk was only an idea.

But throughout 2011, after hundreds of dialogues and discussions, the AIDS Walk became more than a simple idea; it formed into a real project that needed to be done! During that time, just few people behind the China AIDS Walk, with almost no funds or sponsorships, shared the same dream: To make the AIDS Walk as an annual fundraising project in China.

In 2012, private money was used to develop the China AIDS Walk website and to build capacity to look for possible cooperation partners, supporters and to find volunteers who share the same thoughts.

On May 20, 2012, the official launching ceremony was held in the yard of United Nations Children’s Fund and in July 2012 the fundraising platform was set up. From August to October 2012, the AIDS Walk team held 3 fundraising parties, 2 campus activities, 4 off-line publicities; including public promotion events at the Anglo-American Embassy, the French Cultural Center, as well as in different other small community centers in Beijing. On the 13th October 2012, more than 45 fundraising groups registered to support the China AIDS Walk and more than 4500 people gave their donation.

With the help of all the fundraisers from around the world and from our supporters from governmental as well as non-governmental institutions, more than 150,000RMB has been raised. The China AIDS Walk is proud ofhaveing the support of many amazing fundraisers; like Cromwell or Brain, who raised so far the most amount of money in and outside China; our dear friend AJ, who exclusively dressed up as drag queen for the first time and being totally sexy while hiking the complete China AIDS Walk on high heels to get more attention for his fundraising; and not to forget the college students from Wuhan, who did all the 10 hours ride with the train only to participate on the AIDS Walk in Beijing and to hand 255RMB on the spot. Many different stories about HIV/AIDS have been shared during the walk and encouraged people to keep fighting against HIV/AIDS and to support the China AIDS Walk.

The China AIDS Walk Team is proud of all the amazing people who work for this project, especially the outstanding volunteers, fundraisers and supporters. Without them the China AIDS Walk would never be possible! Doing as an individual ‘a few’ for this project means doing in the end, hand in hand together with all the others.

We, the China AIDS Walk Team, want therefore to thank you!

We want to thank all the Volunteers for sparing their time and skills for making this project happen!

We want to thank all the supporters for supplying us the resources we needed for this event!

We want to thank all the people who participate and pay close attention to the China AIDS Walk and encourage us to keep doing this.

We want to thank all the walkers that raised money for this project in order to fight HIV/AIDS.

We promise you China AIDS Walk will not stop as long as people are continue suffering from HIV/AIDS.

The China AIDS Walk hike might be over, but the project is still running and more activities and events will take place until the final China AIDS Walk stage 1st of December 2012, which also marks the deadline for this year’s fundraising. At that time, China AIDS Walk’s top fundraiser will be announced, who will have the opportunity to participate in the America Life Cycle in the United States.

As you can see, it was only the beginning of the AIDS Walk. We are looking forward to meeting and hearing more of you this year!

We thank you all – because you make this possible!

Your AIDS Walk team

The follow links include: the video of photo albums; the official website address of AIDS Walk; the official Weibo address of AIDS Walk; the AD video of AIDS Walk.



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