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29 July 2010: the German city of Cologne is facing a miracle.  More than 10.000 athletes from over 70 countries are gathered in town to take part in the biggest sports and cultural festival in the world: the Gay Games.  The motto is “Be part of it!” and people from all ages and sexualities have answered the call.  For a whole week lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight people compete and party with each other, showing the globe how healthy and fun inclusion can be.

Queer Comrades was the only Mainland Chinese media there, and we had a blast covering the event.  We cheered for our favourite participants, we goggled at spectacular sports performances, we were astounded by the gay atmosphere all around and we managed to capture all of the most fabulous moments for you to see.  Enjoy our documentary, and make sure you start training for the next edition of the Gay Games in 2014!

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